Baker Baker Has A Deathwish DVD

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The Baker Has a Deathwish skateboard DVD is another cult classic brought to you by the degenerates of the skate industry. This is not the newest Baker or Deathwish video. This is a promo full of leftovers, hi-jinx, pot, actin' a fool, and a bunch of other baloney. Strictly for diehard fans, mall grabbers beware.



  • Andrew Reynolds
  • Jim Greco
  • Erik Ellington
  • Bryan Herman
  • Antwuan Dixon
  • Terry Kennedy
  • Dustin Dollin
  • Leo Romero
  • Kevin "Spanky" Long
  • Braydon Szafranski
  • Jeff Lenoce
  • Lizard King
  • Theotis Beasley
  • Shane Heyl
  • Sammy Baca
  • Brian Hansen
  • Ramiro "Furby" Salcedo
  • Pat Pasquale

Produced By: Deathwish -  Deathwish is sister company to Baker Skateboards, launched with Andrew Reynolds, Erik Ellington and former pro rider, Antwuan Dixon. Deathwish now features pros like Jim Greco, Lizard King, Neen Williams and more. The company has dropped several killer videos and continues to strap grim decks to feet across the globe.